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Pairing Wine and Food

The first rule in pairing wine and food is ”There are no rules.” Each individual is unique and what may appeal to you may not appeal to others. However, there are some guidelines which may assist in enhancing your dining experience. When any foods are served with wine, they will add a new dimension to your tastebuds and both possess the ability to alter each other’s flavors when combined. When pairing, it’s best to recognize the entire dish, not just the main ingredient, as it’s usually the spices, seasonings, sauces, herbs or the style in which the dish is prepared that will determine the suited wine. Here are few tips to remember when selecting your wine:

  • Balance the texture of the dish with the wine.
  • Keep in mind the flavors of both, and how they can react together.
  • Pairing the weight of the dish or wine is simply the substance or heaviness found in both.
  • Pair a wine to the most predominant taste on the plate.
  • Match the wine to the occasion.
  • Some food and wine opposites will attract.
  • Strive for balance and regard between the two, i.e. an older complex wine with a simple dish, as the wine should take center stage.

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Pairing Wine and Food

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